The Ultimate Driving Machine

Here it is from day 1 of ownership.  Shockingly this is one 

of the very few pictures i have of the car completely 

stock.  A haggle for $3,500 with lower miles and clean 

title. Despite what everyone says about BMW, this 

machine always proved me wrong.  Little did i know, i 

ended up owning a car that pushed through the NorCal 

to SoCal drive 3 times with no issue. This was my ultimate 

driving machine.  See below for the photo timeline. 

Hardtop secured | Suspension | Wheels | Seat time

Loc: Lake Hennessey/Napa Valley

  | All the good stuff done |

 Staying authentic.  I chose these over bbs LM's 

More mods

Finally daily driving it after everything

Carbon lip and side skirt from DTM FiberWerks

Telegraph Canyon Rd

Sold for $14,500 to a person in Utah.  

Not bad for a $3,500 buy. It was one hell of 

a car. 

To be Continued ...

Full M3 Mod List