Seven Stock 22'

Seven Stock Festival may just be the greatest festivities i have 

ever been to.  From Rotorhead enthusiasts  all over the world 

gather here in Southern California to share the 

love and passion for Mazda and its Rotary engines.   With no 

expectations, Seven Stock grew a huge crowd within time 

making events difficult to launch but Mazda and Seven Stock 

continue to work together  to bring us another amazing event.  

Here's a small recap in case you did not make it last year. Be 

sure to check out the next one 

Mazda 1990 787

To be able to see this sight in person was unreal.  For us gear heads, we were first introduced to this car in Gran Turismo in its orange\Green color.  With Gran Turismo paving the way of our interest in the automotive scene,  this is definitely a heart warming achievement to see and hear this car perform in person.  

So good

Merch was good 

More automotive festivities soon to be updated  Stay tuned ...